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©2024 Lee-Ann Curren


PINUA MARINELLA (Hanna Scott, Lee-Ann Curren, 2024)

(BareLeGs), Lee-Ann Curren and Hanna Scott
Recorded at Malentendu Studios / Pioche Projects


CADAVRE EXQUIS (Lee-Ann Curren - 2021)

Original soundtrack featuring Lee-Ann Curren, Hanna Scott, AYO, Glenn Michael Van Dyke and Lena Simon of Kairos Creature Club, Chloé Thévenin, Maia Ibar, Thee Leatherettes, Clovis Donizetti, Cécile Mestelan and more...

TRANSLATE (Chris Mcclean - 2019)

Translate, the second album from celebrated composer CJ Mirra, is the official soundtrack to the latest surf movie created in collaboration with multi-award winning filmmaker Chris McClean and the bedrock of their acclaimed audio-visual experience. [read more about the live experience here] Released November 2020, Translate is an ode to the raging North Atlantic that sculpts the landscape, the customs and the surfing tribe that call these European shores home. 

The album unites ethereal soundscapes and rising orchestral movements with sublime electronic excursions, manipulated samples and heavy, lo-fi moments to transport the listener on an immersive and unrestrained journey across the continent taking in the coastlines of France, Spain, Ireland, England, Scotland and beyond. “We set out to make a soundtrack rather than a score,” explains CJ Mirra of the project that has confirmed his status as ‘the sound of cold water surfing’. “ This gave us freedom to mirror the changes in the locations, the waves and the surfers, imbuing the music with the tastes, textures and sonics to reflect the landscapes and shifting oceans, capturing the pan-European scope of the film.” 

The title track Translate (released 21/08) is cinematic while collaborations with the likes of renowned surfer/ musician Lee-Ann Curren have taken the music into new, sonic territories. “We recorded with Lee-Ann at Abbey Road – she has the coolest voice and she sings on a couple of the tracks and plays some guitar. Sans Raison (released 11/09) with her layered melody and French language vocal, is two minutes of high-energy, beat-based, psych-pop with distorted bass lines and spiralling, fuzzy guitars. Our cover of the track Horses (released 25/09) is a traditional arrangement while Narnia (released 30/10) is a gritty, dark improvisation on a number of bowed metal objects summoning the industrial tone reflected in the visuals.”


TAN MADONNA (Alex Knost 2019)
best Soundtrack London Surf film Festival 

Tan Madonna, a surf film directed by artist/surfer/musician Alex Knost featuring performances from a diverse cast of like-minded contemporaries; Michael February, Lee Ann Curren, Harry Bryant & Karina Rozunko. Locations include Baja Mexico, Southern France, Australia & Indonesia.The film was documented using a variety of mediums, HD Digital, Super 16mm & Super 8mm film creating a high contrast collage of the film’s content. A dream like soundscape accompanies the film from a live recording made on location from a performance by Alex & Lee Ann Curren.Music Credits: All music performed by Alex Knost & Lee Ann Curren.

LISTEN TO THE EYES (Jake Price 2018)

“Vans proudly announces the full length film, Listen to the Eyes, the brand’s first womens snowboarding team film. Directed by legendary snowboard filmmaker, Jake Price, Listen To The Eyes is shot entirely on Kodak 16mm film throughout the Pacific Northwest and features Vans global snow team riders Hana Beaman and Mary Rand, as well as Canadian snow team rider Leanne Pelosi. With an original soundtrack scored by Vans Europe surf team rider Lee Ann Curren, this short-length project showcases Vans’ athletes' creative expression both on and off the snow.”

Original soundtrack scored by Lee Ann Curren

#HEADWIND HATERS (Chris Mcclean, 2018)

Travel slow. Put down your phone. Take in your surroundings. Smell the wind. Taste the rain. Feel the sun that escapes the clouds. That was the plan.

We rode around 400kms and rode up some bloody big hills, probably not Tour du France big but when towing your lives, boards and supplies behind you in a trailer they were bloody big, and bloody painful. We took in our surroundings and tasted the peat, we felt more aware, we rode around spiders crossing the road, we watched as butterflies fluttered beside us and everyone we passed said hello even the sheep. In Stornaway someone told me ‘There are no happy cyclists on Lewis’ well, even as we cycled into 50mph headwinds which turned into brisk offshores propelling us to the waves, we all had big smiles behind the grimaces.
Original score: Lee-Ann Curren /  + CJ Mirra “Fly A Kite” (song 1)

SURFERS BLOOD (Patrick Trefz, 2016)

Renowned surf photographer and film-maker Patrick Trefz explores the essence of the sport he loves by profiling those who inspire him, from Basque Country, Spain to Silicon Valley, USA. Watch full film on Redbull Tv . Surfer’s Blood feature four original tracks by Lee-Ann Curren.

SPIRIT OF AKASHA (Andrew Kidman, 2015)


Spirit of Akasha is a follow-up to Morning of the Earth directed by Andrew Kidman.
It was an attempt to "recapture the values and spirit that was represented in Morning of the Earth but this time also feature women surfing."It debuted at the Sydney Opera House on 25 January 2014.

It was filmed in 2012 and 2013 and the surfers featured include Sam Yoon, Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Ellis Ericson, Kye and Joel Fitzgerald, Heath Joske, and Harrison Roach.

Fred Pawle of The Australian gave it a mixed review, writing that it "has many beguiling moments that will entertain surfers and non-surfers alike, but it will never define its era as Morning of the Earth did."[7] Bernard Zuel wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald that "it could make even the aquaphobe start considering what it would be like to be that deeply immersed in nature, all to a dreamscape soundtrack."

Samuel J. Fell writing in Rolling Stone gave it 4/5 stars calling it "an incredible soundtrack to a stellar film." The Sydney Morning Herald's Bernard Zuel praised the album writing "The beauty of the new soundtrack is how it gels with but also expands on the spirit of the original." Meredith McLean of the AU. Review gave it 9/10 saying "This project is a wonderful way to mirror a very overlooked part of our nation’s history."