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©2024 Lee-Ann Curren

is a transformative soundscape crafted by two Basque/american artists: Maia Ibar (multi-disciplinary artist/composer) and surfer Lee-Ann Curren (surfer/musician). From the heart of their DIY studio, Pioche Projects, in the Basque town of Biarritz, they weave together dream pop, lo-fi, shoegaze, and pop, echoing influences like Angel Olsen, Sinead O’Connor, Tirzah, Sharon Van Etten, Panda Bear, The XX, etc.


                                                           photo: Emmy Martens

Their first album, coming 2024, includes collaborations with artists like François Atlas, FVA, Pat Curren, Clarisse Lacareux, and was mixed by renowned musician and producer Boshra Alsaadi (Sadi, Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, Lighter, TEEN, Looker, etc.)

Malentendu defies definition. It’s a fusion of music, art, communion and unfiltered emotional expression. Through vulnerability and raw honesty, they creat a powerful auditory experience, a shared journey through the depths of human connection.

Malentendu is a french word that translates directly to “misunderstanding” in English. While it has a slitghly different ring to it in English, it has a lighter feeling.
The word “Malentendu” is used figuratively to suggest that the music goes beyond any potentialmisunderstandings (which is the biggest sepration in the world right now) and creates a deeper connection despite individual interpretations.